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Oct 23, 2012 5:00pm EDT
since her murder? >>> after wrapping their final debate, president obama and mitt romney jumped back on the debate trail looking for every last vote. the campaign planned to spend all of their time in a handful of battle ground states? >>> the dust is still settling from last night's debate. trying to win an election that many say is too close for comfort. the president rallied voters in florida and once again accused his republican challenger of having a selective memory. >> if you say you love american cars during the debate but you wrote an article that says "let detroit go bankrupt" you might have ronnesia. that is not leadership you can trust. you know me. you can trust that i say what i mean. >> the president is also targeting voters in ohio today teaming up with biden in dayton. romney has rallies in nevada and colorado. they are spending the next few weeks in the battle ground states. polls show the candidates are virtually tied. they are expected to spend around $100 million on tv ads from now until election day. romney continues to ham near the president on voter's number 1
Oct 22, 2012 5:00pm EDT
-- barack obama and his republican challenger mitt romney side by side. it's their final debate on the campus of lynn university in boca raton, florida. foreign policy at issue. clearly libya and the deaths at the benghazi consulate will be front and center. >> you have to figure those will be a hot topic. the romney campaign has continued to ham other this point that the administration has been changing its story about exactly what happened at the embassy there. clearly we have the death of the ambassador and three other americans. that's bad news. they will try to push back. i think obama will try to make the point that some of romney's initial statements on this topic were not very helpful. they're now angry with house republicans for releasing some material on this that might have compromised some other sources in libya. there will be a lot of back and forth on this topic. >> when we talk about cease si and intel -- secrecy and intelligence, just this week, there was a leak that the united states may be ready to begin negotiations with iran, sanctions coming to the time. the
Oct 24, 2012 5:00pm EDT
street. >> you don't care if she has a romney sign and you have the obama sign? >> oh, absolutely no way. yeah, i'm glad that she has strong political beliefs. she's a good friend and she definitely has the right to put her signs up in her yard. >> reporter: stevens says even her neighbor, democratic virginia state senator mark herring stopped by to condemn the act. stevens has since put up a much smaller sign. >> it's just nasty, you know. it's wrong. >> reporter: in leesburg surae chinn, 9 news now. >> the romney campaign says they'll loan the stevens another big sign to replace one that burned down. the person responsible, if caught, would face a destruction of property charge. >>> mitt romney is distancing himself from another republican senatorial candidate following a controversial race comment. richard murdoch of indiana told a live tv audience that when a woman gets pregnant after she's raped, it's something god intended. murdoch was on the defensive today. >> due to the situation i think that body can see beauty in every life, but certainly i did not intend to suggest that god
Oct 25, 2012 5:00pm EDT
himself, barack obama, conversation his vote in chicago in his homestate of -- casting his vote in chicago in his homestate in illinois. earlier today the president made a donut run to florida before hding to the battleground state of virginia. mitt romney kept his focus on ohio for the entire day. >> and america wants to see big changes and we're going to bring big changes to get america stronger again. >> we've got to go forward with the policies that are getting us out of this mess and that's why i'm running for a second term. >> in fact, president obama will finish his day in ohio before heading back to washington. mr. obama picked up a big endorsement today from colin powell, but powell insists he's still a republican. >>> arlington county opened a criminal investigation into voter fraud after an indent involving congressman jim moran's son. >> 23-year-old patrick moran resigned as a campaign field director after he was seen on an undercover video discussing illegal voting. peggy fox joins us live with the latest. >> that's right. in that video posted by a conservative activist patric
Oct 26, 2012 5:00pm EDT
to rally their troops. >> i'm a volunteer with president obama for washington campaign. >> reporter: the battle lines are drawn. every foot soldier deployed. >> i just wanted to call to see if you're coming in tonight to help make phone calls. >> reporter: in a ground war so intense history is being made yet again in virginia. >> i'm going to rally among my family, my children, my friends to go and vote for president obama. >> reporter: an immigrant from sierra leone is passionate about president obama and eager for election day, her 47th birthday. >> i wish he won that day. will be jumping up and down for joy. >> reporter: this 1 just as excited but for romney. >> we've got someone who is going to look at the economy and the growth of the country and get it back to where it used to be. >> reporter: both women plan on attending upcoming campgn events, president obama with president clinton money. >> i love both of them. >> reporter: governor romney will be at a rally in haymarket this weekend. >> so excited. sunday is the big day. >> reporter: 20% of prince william county res
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5